FuturePrint is part of the Informa Markets Division of Informa PLC


As part of Informa Markets, committed to contributing to the achievement of the goals defined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, FuturePrint implements a series of initiatives.

Check below some of the actions that will be carried out at FuturePrint 2023 and which UN SDGs they relate to:

● Free workshops and content [ Quality education]

FuturePrint provides free workshops and promoted content throughout the event. The FuturePrint Forum has several lectures promoted by the main professionals in the visual communication sector, aiming to expand the knowledge and training of entrepreneurs in the sector. The Serigrafia em Ação and Sublimação em Ação workshops offer learning trails with the big names in the stamping and customizing market, including developing practical activities with the participants. In addition to the Textile Digital Printing Circuit and FutureTêxtil Talks, which seek to deepen the knowledge of those who work in the textile segment about digital printing.

● Carpet Reuse [Sustainable Cities and Communities and Responsible Consumption and Production]

Around 80% of the carpets that cover the entire floor of FuturePrint are reused from other Informa Markets events, which has a strong commitment to waste management at all its events and works all the time to minimize its impacts on the environment .

● Mobility made easy [Sustainable Cities and Communities]

We will offer a free transfer from the Portuguesa-Tietê Metro station and the Galeria do Rock towards the event, so that our visitors can have easier mobility and avoid using private transport by car, thus reducing traffic in the surroundings and the emission of CO² in the atmosphere.

● Conscious Printing [Sustainable Cities and Communities]

All materials printed on paper by FuturePrint are made only on paper with FSC certification, which guarantees the sustainable management of the ecosystem from its raw materials.

● Bag reuse [Sustainable cities and communities and responsible consumption and production]

As in other Informa Markets events, FuturePrint also works on the reuse of badge holders, collecting them from visitors at the exit of the event so that they can be treated and reused again, thus substantially reducing the generation of plastic waste.

● Selective collection [Sustainable Cities and Communities and Responsible Consumption and Production]

In partnership with Expo Center Norte, FuturePrint properly treats and separates organic waste from recyclables, so that each one has its correct destination and reuse in the case of recyclables.

● Credit room [Industry, innovation and infrastructure]

In partnership with ABIGRAF-SP, this is the space where the visitor has the opportunity to find financial institutions with easy options for financing and loans that offer much more attractive conditions than the normal ones in the market, aiming to boost entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of the sectors that make up our market.

● 2023 Sustainable Stand Award [Responsible consumption and production]

Initiative that aims to encourage FuturePrint exhibitors to increasingly opt for sustainable solutions and projects in their stands, with the aim of significantly impacting post-event waste generation.

● Hiring PNE professionals

As in 2022, FuturePrint encourages the development of a more just and egalitarian society and hires PNE professionals to work at the event, in several areas.

● LED on the stands

All Informa Markets booths and institutional structures within FuturePrint have only LED lamps, which are more economical, durable and efficient from an energy point of view.

● Inclusive food

Our food court has several types of dishes and meals, including vegetarian and vegan options. We also work with different price options, to offer a menu of food possibilities that meet the most diverse profiles of visitors and exhibitors.

● Quebrada Alimentada

project developed by the restaurant Mocotó, which distributes food baskets to 400 low-income families in the north of São Paulo, has the support of FuturePrint and also its contribution.

Between July 12th and 15th, at Expo Center Norte. Collection boxes for non-perishable foods will be available during FuturePrint.

You can also make your donation online directly to Restaurante Mocotó's transparent digital account. Make your donation here and help us fight hunger

● Comfort Space

The comfort space is an initiative by FuturePrint to generate greater well-being for visitors while they are at the fair. This space includes:

  • Recharge your cell phone: dedicated area to recharge your cell phone for free;
  • Massage: performed by visually impaired people, generating employability and income generation;
  • Hydration point: supported by Europe - Water purifiers. The cups are reusable and produced with recyclable material.

● Wifi Free

Available to all visitors, an initiative that offers greater interaction, comfort and ease to explore the event in an efficient and ecological way. By providing free WiFi during the event, we encourage more digital and responsible participation.

·       Apoio ao projeto Quebrada AlimentadaSaiba mais sobre o projeto;

·       Reutilização de materiais (80% dos carpetes reutilizados);

·       Mobilidade facilitada (transfer gratuito);

·       Contratação de profissionais PNE para trabalharem no evento;

·       Utilização de papel com certificado FSC em materiais impressos;

·       Praça de alimentação com opção de comida vegetariana e vegana;

·       Redução das emissões de credenciais de PVC;

·       Reutilização das bags de credenciamento;

·       Coleta seletiva de materiais orgânicos e recicláveis;

·       Uso de lâmpadas de LED nos estandes;

·  AÇÃO DOE SANGUE DOE VIDA: Em setembro de 2022, a FuturePrint foi parceira da ação do Empreenda 360 para doação de sangue, reforçando a importância do empreendedorismo aliado ao pilar social da sustentabilidade. Clique aqui para saber mais sobre essa ação

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