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July 10 to 13, 2024

Wednesday to Friday, 1 pm to 8 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP 
Street José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme

Expo Center Norte is near Shopping Lar Center, Shopping Center Norte and Parque da Juventude. 

The closest airport to the exhibition is Congonhas.

Airport Address:
Av. Washington Luís, s/nº- Vila Congonhas, São Paulo - SP, CEP. 04626-911.

For further information on the airport access the link: www.aeroportocongonhas.net

Yes. We will have free of charge transportation departing from two sites: Portuguesa-Tietê Subway and Galeria do Rock.


Vans departing from Portuguesa-Tietê station

Just go to Portuguesa-Tietê station (Subway Line 1 - Blue) At the exit ratchet follow to the exit to Voluntários da Pátria street, where vans will be placed, performing free of charge transportation round trip to FuturePrint Exhibition

Address: Rua Marechal Odylio Dennys, 138

Metrô Tietê, São Paulo - SP, 02010-000


Vans departing from Galeria do Rock

Get your password at Galeria do Rock Information Booth previously to guarantee seat for commuting. After that, go to Estacionamento Trevo na Rua Maria Paula, 123 - Bela Vista.


PAY ATTENTION: Free of charge vans start activities 30 minutes before exhibition start hour and conclude operation 30 minutes after event closing.

Yes, with 4,000 places, the parking lot is located in front of Expo Center Norte (Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 300) main entrance.

Independent/12h period
- Car: R$ 55.00*
- Motorcycles: R$ 25.00*
- Bus &   minibus: R$ 100.00

Additional per hour: R$ 5.00

*Values subject to changes without previous notice.

Yes, there will ! The cost is R$ 20.00 for each rented space, regardless of size.

Equipment and products manufacturers and dealers for:

  •  Finishing and accessories
  • Gifts and promotional materials
  • Visual communication and signaling
  • Cut and engraving
  • Packages and labeling
  • 3D printing
  • Digital printing
  • Textile digital printing
  • Screen print
  • Digital signaling
  • Software
  • Sublimation

  • Softwares
  • Sublimação

The exhibition is opened to printing and visual communication sectors professionals as:

  • ·  Advertising agency
  • ·  Printing offices / print shops
  • ·  Confections
  • ·  Graphic designers
  • ·  Interior designers
  • ·  Visual / scenography communication companies
  • ·  Stamping companies
  • ·  Fashion industry
  • ·  Promotional materials and gifts  companies
  • ·  Screen printer
  • ·  Sign makers
  • ·  Dealers / distributors

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge, but it is exclusive to professionals performing in the sector.

Free of charge registrations to FuturePrint 2022 are opened, carry out your registration that will be soon available.

You can print your credential and submit at the event entrance along with your document with photo and proof you act as the sector professional.


The other option is to get it in the self-service booths at the exhibition entrance. 

Invitation is distributed by class entities, associations, unions, federations, releases linked to the sector or even exhibitor companies that are taking part of the exhibition.

Business card is your or your company´s commercial presentation card.  Generally, it contains the professional´s, company´s name, address, phone No., email and other commercial contact information.

No problem. Soon you can register previously or at the event site, in hour visit day, submitting any other document that proves your performance as the sector professional.

Yes. There will be several free attractions to expand your market knowledge. Follow up the attractions in the site.

  • Screen print in Action
  • Sublimation in Action                          
  • FuturePrint Forum 
  • Talks FutureTêxtil                                                                
  • Textile Digital Printing Circuit
  • Credit Room
  • Sebrae Mobile
  • Acrylic Forum

Attractions that concomitantly take place at FuturePrint 2022 are free of charge. Follow up our site and social media for further information.

With your registration in the exhibition you can automatically take part in the attractions: Screen print in Action, Sublimation in Action, FutureTêxtil, Textile Digital Printing Circuit, Credit Room and Sebrae Mobile. Only for FuturePrint Forum and FutureTêxtil, besides registration, you shall register to take part of the attractions. Pay attention to the seats availability.

As it is a business event, with machines exhibition, we inform that, for safety reasons, entrance of individuals below 14 years old is forbidden in FuturePrint.

Yes. FuturePrint, in partnership with Agência Feiras & Congressos, provides exclusive packages to bring all comfort and convenience to your stay during the exhibition; all event participants can have access to special tariffs:

  • Air tickets with discounts
  • Hosting with exclusive fees
  • Commuting hotel/exhibition/hotel during the event days
  • Commuting from airport with reception
  • Customized and bilingual service

    Feiras & Congressos - Official Trips Agency
    Phone No.: + 55 11 5033-3137
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Site: www.feirasecongressos.com.br

It is possible to find the product and/or exhibitor in the event official site, in the item “Exhibit”, where you can research for exhibitor, product, and check details of contact and plan your visit to the event previously. 

Is your doubt not here? Send an email to:  [email protected]