Future Print comes as an evolution of FuturePrint. The most complete trade show for business generation and transformation, encouragement of personal and professional knowledge and support for the development of the printing and visual communications market.

We still are the same event, but with a greater focus on people, innovations, value delivery, dialogue with new ideas and generations, strategic commercial relations and active operation in the development of the markets we serve.

1. When will the FuturePrint 2021 show be held?
From July 21 to 24, 2021, Wednesday to Friday from 1:00pm to 8:00pm / Saturday 10:00am to 17:00pm. 

2. Where will the FuturePrint 2021 show be held?
Expo Center Norte – São Paulo/SP - Brazil - Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme.

3. Who can exhibit at FuturePrint?
Companies who act in the printing and visual communication sectors, such as:
• Textile digital printing
• Printing in large sizes
• Promotional materials, gimmicks and personalization
• Screen Printing
• Sign
• Digital sign
• Software
• Sublimation
• Substracts

4. Who can attend the FuturePrint Show? 
The event is open to professionals from the printing and visual communication sectors, such as:
• Advertising agencies
• Printing bureaus / graphics
• Visual communication
• Graphic designers
• Textile printing / Textile industry
• Promotional materials
• Retailers

5. How much is the entrance fee?
Entrance is free of charge. However, it is exclusively for professionals who work in the sector.

6. How can I register beforehand to attend the FuturePrint 2021 Show? 
To register, please access: https://www.feirafutureprint.com.br/en/visit/registration.html

7. How do I get my badge for the FuturePrint 2021 Show? 
After you finish your registration process, you must pick up your badge in the “Exclusive service for pre-registered participants” at the entrance, in your visit day.

You will have to present one of the documents below:
 - Printed email confirming early registration (by presenting this document the attendant can find your registration faster, which speeds up your entry at the event) 
- Passport
- Invitation to the show
- Business card 

8. Where can I get an invitation to the show? 
The invitation is distributed by class entities, associations, unions, federations, publications connected to the sector or even exhibiting companies that are participating in the show. 

9. Where can I get an invitation to the show?
The invitation is distributed by class entities, associations, unions, federations, publications connected to the sector or even exhibiting companies that are participating in the show.

10. What is a business card?
A Business Card is your commercial presentation card or that of your company. It usually contains the name of the professional, the company, address, telephone, email and other commercial contacts. 

11. I don’t have a business card or an invitation to the show. How can I enter?
No problem. You just have to register beforehand through the site (www.feirafutureprint.com.br) or at the event, on the day of your visit and present another document that proves you work as a professional in the sector.

12. Will there be lectures and workshops in parallel to FuturePrint? 
Yes, we will have activities in parallel to the show. We will provide more information about the program soon. Therefore, content attractions doesn´t have simultaneous translations.

13. How much does it cost to participate in the parallel events?
The attractions during FuturePrint 2020 are free of charge. Check our site and social networks for more information. 

14. What is the minimum age to enter FuturePrint? 
FuturePrint does not recommend that children participate in the show. The entrance of minors under the age of 14 are prohibited and people wearing shorts, tank tops and flip-flops or slippers is forbidden.

15. Will there be free shuttle to FuturePrint? 
Yes. We will have free shuttle from the Portuguesa Tietê subway station to Expo Center Norte / Expo Center Norte to Portuguesa Tietê subway station.

*The organization of the event, is not responsible if you miss your flight or commitments due to delays generated because of traffic in the city of São Paulo, or any delays in departure times of the vans and the quantity of people using the free transport service (due to limited seats and possible occupancy).

16. Will attendees have discounts on airline tickets and accommodations? What is the official travel agency?
Yes. FuturePrint, in partnership with CORPTRAVEL, offers exclusive packages to bring you comfort and convenience during your stay.

With CORPTRAVEL all participants will have access to special rates:
• Airline tickets with discounts
• Accommodations with exclusive rates
• Shuttle service hotel/show/hotel on the days of the event
• Transport from airport with a person to receive you
• Personalized and bilingual service
• Support from the Must Tour Team during the whole event at the hotel and at the show.


17. Which airport is closest to the show?
Congonhas airport is the closest to Expo Center Norte.

Airport Address:
Av. Washington Luís, s/nº- Vila Congonhas, São Paulo - SP, CEP. 04626-911 - Telephone: +55 (11) 5090-9000 – business hours 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

For further information about the airport visit the link: www.aeroportocongonhas.net

To ensure the safety of attendees and good use of the show by professionals, we advise that:- Children under 14 not be allowed in.- Since this is a business event people wearing shorts, tank tops and/or flip-flops or slippers will not be allowed in.