Bring together key suppliers from different product segments, attract qualified visitors and serve as a link between these audiences and the marketplace, this is our goal. 

A printing technique that allows for the development of a wide range of products as from a process that transfers images to several substrates. In silkscreen printing, the ink applied is pressed onto a fabric with a message on it.

Customizing environments and objects, printing technology on vinyl adhesives, fabrics and wall papers to decorate interiors provides a visual and tactile experience simulating the texture of different materials. This technique can be used to customize furniture, walls and floors of homes and stores.

Widely used for gifts, the technique needs a thermal press to customize complex substrates. In the sublimation process, the message is printed onto special paper with sublimation ink, which is then pressed onto a surface (usually white) using heat. 

From a keyring to an agenda, going through bags and squeezies, the promotional materials, gifts and customization segment is addressed by companies that work with customization, printing and engraving on different materials such as plastic, paper, fabric and metal.

Large printers allow highly customizable digital printing on materials such as adhesives, canvas, fabric and paper, which ultimately seeks to print on a large area that needs a special cutout such as an outdoor, a vehicle and a point of sales.

An important part of the visual communication market, signaling is used in indoor and outdoor environments in the form of panels, boards, strips, banners, displays and mobiles. These materials can be adapted as per different project needs with a range of formats, structures, substrates, linings and finishings.

A printing process applied on hard flexible or semi-flexible small, medium and large surfaces. Presenting excellent quality in color standards, textile digital printing uses two technologies: sublimation and direct printing. In the first, the message is printed on special paper with sublimation ink, which is then pressed onto a surface using heat. The second as the name suggests provides quality and speed and is done directly onto fabric, as long as the latter is composed of natural fibers.

Digital signage has a high impact and is known for its large high definition screens that transmit static messages also allowing for interactivity with the public. Totems and videowall are examples of electronic panels normally used for advertising and information materials.