Official Announcement

As most of you know, who have participated in FuturePrint in these 30 years of its existence, and with whom we have always had a relationship of empathy and transparency, built with mutual trust in the middle of the
victories and challenges along this path, this is the first time we need to postpone the event.  

This decision, which we believe that is the right thing to do in this period of pandemic, was taken following orientations from the Ministry of Health and other governmental organizations, and also after conversations with important representatives from the sector, once the primordial objective always was and will be to preserve the health and integrity of all involved in the event and, also, promote the businesses and relations that will make us put the economy from our country in the right path again.  

Following what was exposed above, Informa Markets, organizer of the fair FuturePrint, announces the new date for the exhibition, that will be from Nov 24th  to Nov 27th, 2020, at Expo Center Norte – SP.  

We reinforce that we are more than an exhibition, we are a community. And, having this as assumption, we believe that this change has been the best decision for all the market.  

We confirm our commitment to make our best to deliver the 30th commemorative edition of FuturePrint with a lot of dedication, to generate good businesses and boosting the economy.  

Best regards,
FuturePrint 2020 Team